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We work at the interface of humans and materials in medical devices and educational tools. Our interests include:

  • Application of biomaterials in robotic systems

  • Medical device design

  • Engineering education

  • Accessible soft robots 


5/2022 - Congratulations to all of the group members that presented their work on campus this month! 

4/2022 - Congratulations to Hannah and Drashti for presenting their work at the Design of Medical Devices Conference!

12/2021 - Congrats to Maya and Ilalee for their first place prize in the TechSAge Hello Robot Pitch Competition!

9/2021 - Golecki Group Lab Photo

7/2021 - Great work this summer, Adia and Alyssa! Congratulations on a successful summer internship with our collaborator, Dr Bryan Kaehr at Sandia National Labs!

6/2021 - Congratulations to Adia Radecka Jakubczak, selected as a 2021 DaRin Butz Foundation Research Scholar

5/2021 - Another successful BIOE435/6 Senior Capstone course wraps up. The teams really persevered this year! Their work is highlighted by iSTEM here.

4/2021 - Sara presented on the group's GIANT funded project: Building Confidence and Increasing Engagement through Undergraduate Research this week at the IDEA Institute.

4/2021 - Alyssa, Adia and Sara are presenting their work this week at IEEE Robosoft Conference!

1/2021 - Welcome back to campus Illini! We are excited in innovate in the classroom and in research this semester. 

10/2018 - Congratulations to Intel Chen for 2nd Place Prize in the MRS Science as Art competition! Check out his *stunning* pseudocolored butterfly wing SEM image below:

HarrisonJames Grant.jpg
butterfly wing.jpg
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