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Selected Press

"Students from Gaya district represent India" Local Newspaper, India 2021

"Soft Robotic Toolkit Concludes Pilot; Students Present Designs" Harvard University Mittal South Asia Institute

"A High School Student’s SEM Image Wins Back-to-Back Contests" JEOL USA

"Drawing inspiration from plants and animals to restore tissue" Harvard University

"Main Line science kids’ winning formula: Wet clay, soft robots" Philadelphia Inquirer

"Food for Thought – Edible Soft Robotic Candy Actuators" MRS Bulletin

"Haverford School students make soft robots that could be used in the body…and they taste good too" Philadelphia Inquirer

"Soft Robotics Follow-Up: Haverford School Scores Win in the 2017 Annual Soft Robotics Competitions" Adafruit Blog

"Snow Day Science: Bringing Learning Home" Main Line Parent Magazine

"The Haverford School wins Harvard’s International Soft Robotics Design Competition" Main Line Times

"Using Dissolvable Materials in Soft Robotics Actuator Manufacturing @HaverfordRobots" Adafruit Blog

"Inspired by cotton candy, engineers put new spin on nanofibers" Wyss Institute



"ECE student-led HUG initiative selected for 2022 GIANT Project" UIUC ECE 2022

"Bioengineering professor Holly Golecki receives 2022 ASEE Mara H. Wasburn Early Engineering Educator Grant" UIUC BIOE 2022

"The 2022 IDEA Institute Conference showcases its GIANT program teams while seeking long-term impact on DEI at Grainger Engineering and beyond" UIUC Grainger College of Engineering 2022

"Bioengineering professor Holly Golecki leads local Girl Scouts to #BreakTheBias against women in STEM" UIUC BIOE 2022

"Students Show Creativity in Robot Competition" UIUC College of Applied Health Sciences 2021

"Collaborative student design project earns ASTM International Project Grant Award" UIUC BIOE 2021

"Grainger Engineering Young Scholars design "smart vest" to soothe anxious dogs using biometric feedback" UIUC BIOE 2021

"Bioengineering professors awarded NSF RIEF grant to study the impact of soft robotics curricula on female high school students" UIUC BIOE 2021

"BIOE435 Capstone Projects—BIOE Seniors Use Knowledge/Skills to Problem Solve" UIUC I-STEM 2021

"Undergraduate research experience leads to job opportunities at Sandia National Labs" UIUC ECE 2021

"Master of Engineering students to present a new obstetric forceps design at national showcase" UIUC BIOE 2021

"Bioengineering senior design team awarded an ASTM International grant" UIUC BIOE 2020

"Broadening the pathway to STEM through soft robotics research and design" UIUC BIOE 2020

"Holly Golecki leads undergraduate research opportunity for ARISE students" UIUC BIOE 2020

"Illinois Bioengineers win design and venture capital pitch competition" UIUC BIOE 2019

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