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Courses @ UIUC

BIOE100 - Introduction to Bioengineering
BIOE120 - Introduction to Bioengineering Seminar

BIOE435 - Senior Design I
BIOE436 - Senior Design II

BIOE498/598 - Introduction to Soft Robotics

Previously Taught

MATE580 - Phase Transformations (UPenn)
MSE590 - Materials-based approaches to Soft Robotics (Drexel University)
ES96 - Engineering Approaches to Fashion Design (Harvard)


Mental Health & Wellness Classroom Innovations

We recently published on the innovative use of mindfulness meditation, medical devices, & design to introduce engineering students to wellness practices in the classroom. Check out our article in the Journal of Biomedical Engineering Education!

We are passionate about inspiring the next generation of innovators in the classroom and happy to share curricular materials or collaborate on educational tools. Contact Dr. Golecki at if you are interested.

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